Bosham is a famous landmark, an especially attractive harbour-side village between Portsmouth and Chichester (much loved by landscape artists) and a popular spot for dinghy sailing.

The village has two main claims to historic fame. First, Bosham is said by many to be the place where King Canute attempted to stop the tide to show his followers that his regal power was nothing compared to the supreme power of God. Later the same century, before William conquered Britain in 1066, King Harold II sailed from Bosham to France to see William and defend his right to the throne. This scene is depicted on the famous Bayeux Tapestry in Normandy, and a copy of this section of the tapestry is on display in Bosham Church. Modern day Bosham is as cute as a village can get, with dinghies and ducks bobbing on Bosham Quay, old winding streets, lovely tea rooms and excellent restaurants (Marwick’s Brasserie in the Millstream Hotel is getting great reviews), a Village Store and Post office. There are many cycle and footpaths in the area so you can take your time exploring Bosham from different angles. Another of the village highlights is the Bosham Walk arcade, an arts and crafts centre where you can watch the artists at work and buy all kinds of treasures ranging from modern jewellery to antique clocks.

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Historic Bosham Holy Trinity Church

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Woosters - Restaurant

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The Bluebell - Pub / Restaurant

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Emsworth Mill Pond Walk

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Fat Olives - Restaurant

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Bosham Craft Walk Craft Centre

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Anchor Bleu - Waterside Pub / Restaurant

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Berkely Arms - Pub and Restaurant

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