Slindon is a small rural village six miles north east of Chichester that is famous for its abundant woodland, National Trust estate and annual pumpkin display!

If you like the great outdoors, this is the place to spend your vacation. Much of the local woodland belongs to the sprawling 3,500 acre Slindon Estate which you can explore on foot, bike or horseback thanks to the extensive network of public footpaths, lanes, bridleways and tracks.

One of the more intriguing features of the local landscape is Slindon Folly (on Nore Hill), a large stone archway that leads nowhere but stands as a testament to the foibles of the 18th century gentry. A modern-day village quirk is the annual display of murals made from 50 or more varieties of pumpkin that have allowed Slindon to lay claim to the title “pumpkin capital of Britain”. (The murals are created in early October and last until mid-November so they are at their peak for Halloween). The village also has a popular community owned and run shop and cafe, The Forge, which sells local goods and serves home-cooked food as well as acting as an information centre for visitors.

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